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Post by Yorbex Admin on Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:26 pm

Just a few basic rules.
1, All Photographs MUST be your own work and these remain the copyright of the member who has posted, Please DO NOT copy or share these photos without the permission of the owner.

2, Do not insult or bully any other member about their work remember everyone has different abilities and cameras.

3, No foul, abusive or racist language (any Racial abuse WILL be passed onto the police).

4, Do not put information of access on any posts if you wish to share this with any members then please use the private message facility.

5,Yorkshire Urbex accept no responsibility for person or persons who are injured or arrested as a result of going exploring remember most places are private land so get permission first and also remember derelict places can be dangerous.

Any member found to be breaking these rules or abusing the site in any way will be banned with immediate effect.

Admins decision is final.

Thank and enjoy the forum.
Yorbex Admin

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